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English Name : Danaid Eggfly
Family : Nymphalidae (Brush footed)
Scientific Name : Hypolimnas misippus Linnaeus, 1764
Wing Span (Size) 70 -85 mm
Description : The male is jet-black above, which is thrown into contrast by two glistening white oval spots – a large spot on the hind wing and small one on the forewing. Near the tip of the forewing is another smaller white spot. The underside is light rusty-brown with a golden-yellow tinge. A broad white band on the hind wing and a narrow one on the forewing are distinct. The female is tawny with the apex of forewing colored black and with a white band. The borders of the hind wings are black with a series of wavier marginal white lunules. The underside is similar but paler. This butterfly is a superb example of sexual dimorphism. The female mimics (Batesian mimicry) Plain Tiger butterfly, which is unpalatable due to presence of toxins, hence model.
Habits & Habitats : Strong fast flight. Territorial in nature. Prefers flowers. Fond of basking. Seen in countryside, forest tracks and edges of streams. It is a fairly common butterfly in
Distribution : Throughout India
Larval Host Plants: Asystasia lawiana, Barleria cristata, Abelmoschus sp., Hibiscus sp.
Best Seen In : March to May, mostly during monsoon, November
Status : Common, Schedule I of Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972
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